Our Expertise

Innovation Centre

In 2006, Minordija opened a test bakery which was renewed in 2013 and was called the Innovation Centre. All original solutions designed for the clients of the company working both in the market of bakery and in the market of confectionery products are developed and implemented here.

The Innovation Centre carries out the following activities:

Tests new products
Presents ideas and concepts for new products
Organises different seminars and trainings for its clients.

The Innovation Centre has four experienced technologists, namely:
Rūta Šiušienė

Kęstutis Kinas

Dovilė Valentienė

Jaroslav Orševski

Nerijus Stankevičius.


Warehouses of Minordija meet the highest quality requirements as follows:

2 separate devices of refrigerating equipment: for yeast (84 m2), guaranteeing 2 °C storage temperature, and for margarine (170 m2), ensuring 10 °C storage temperature

Warehousing premises in Kaunas and Vilnius with the area of 1,100 m2 for storing other foods with temperature mode of -18°C

Separate storage and collection points, automatic goods movement system

Complete (whole-chain) product traceability realized: from manufacturer to final client

We are currently audited with the OFFS (Orkla Food Safety Standard) certificate, developed by the BRC standard, which we have audited by an independent corporation auditor;

In 2021 we plan to install BRC.

Supplier Audit

Orkla ASA applies a very strict position in terms of food safety, therefore, its companies are committed to high food quality and product safety standards. This is achieved by systematic implementation of quality and control procedures:

The Orkla Food Safety Standard approved in 2004 guarantees high quality of food production in all Orkla ASA companies;

Compliance with OFFS requirements is verified by regular audits in the companies of the group;

Employing its high quality food safety auditors, Orkla ASA organises Food Safety Training courses for its specialists on a regular basis;

To successfully manage and cope with unexpected and undesirable events, Orkla ASA has drawn up a plan for unforeseen circumstances. On the basis of this plan the companies of the group regularly exercise and practice how to respond to critical situations.