About Us

About Minordija UAB

Minordija UAB is a leading supplier of raw materials for confectionary and bakery in Lithuania.

For a number of years Minordija has been known in the Lithuanian market as a reliable partner whose work is devoted to its clients – starting from the smallest cosy bakeries and finishing with the large confectionery companies. Minordija company is unique for its long experience and youthful energy as well as for its permanent strive for growth and improvement.

The company employs experienced technologists, client managers, an active sales team and administrative employees. Minordija is managed by Audrius Mackevičius.

Minordija UAB is operated by Orkla ASA – one of the largest Norwegian companies – and is part of its Orkla Food Ingredients group.


To develop technological and business solutions and supply highest quality food stocks to bakeries, confectionery companies and other food industry sectors.


To be the first choice of every client.


Perseverance in creating long-term value and increasing competence

Passion for meeting clients’ needs, for innovations, cooperation and transparency

Precision in taking advantage of all opportunities and in making decisions


To be No 1 in the market

To be partner No 1 for clients

To be employer No 1 for employees